Vantra LT (RA18)

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Summer Radial Tyre for Commercial Van and Transporters. Exceptionally Durable with Improved Mileage and an increase in wear & wet traction performance.

Improved durability and internal anti-abrasion qualities

  • Improved durability
  • Optimized for mileage longevity
  • Maximized wet performance


Tire Pattern

  • Application of 3-channel wide grooves
    Reduces hydroplaning and increases performance and safety at high speed.
  • Optimum groove location width with durable contact patch technology
    Optimized groove position ensures stability in the outer grounding footprint area.
  • Apply new 3D lateral groove
    Enhances performance in snow and wet conditions without sacrificing block strength.
  • Optimized pattern noise
    Apply center rib in center area.
  • Apply optimized block stiffness
    Reduces wear and increases dry braking performance.
  • Apply sidewall protect shield
    Prevents sidewall damage from the curb stone using low pressure conditions.


Tire Structure

  • Reinforced belt
    Ensures durable performance through reinforcement belt layer.
  • Double steel belt
    Ensures durability for the tire.
  • Inner liner
    Prevents air leakage and maintains the internal pressure.
  • Carcass
    Maintains tire shape.
  • Bead filler
    Enhanced rim joint stiffness for handling performance.
  • Bead wire
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Vantra LT (RA18)