RES 6.5

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Extremely compact active subwoofer. New ETON Activesubwoofer RES 6.5 und 8.0 for basspower out of the trunk. ETON presents a new bass maker for all those, who don’t want to waste precious space inside their car with heavy subwoofers or boxes. Anyone who wants bass and wants to install it invisible and space-saving, now has two new spare wheel space active subwoofers. Easy mounting, 100 % removable, ideal for leased cars and with just 4.8 kg (RES 6.5) and 5.0 kg (RES 8.0) and the round shape perfectly fitting. The inbuilt amplifier provides a solid 100 W power, additional features like phase shift or volume adjustment via remote control complete the active woofers.   – ideal for spare wheel well – 165 mm supercompact active subwoofer – rated power 100 W – Impedance 2 + 2 Ohm – Crossover frequency 50-100 Hz – source voltage 14.4 V – dimensions 270 x 69 mm – weight incl. accessoires 4.8 kg


DIN – size 6,5 inch

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