PRS 165.2

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2-way component system with reinforced glass-fibre paper cone, for a dynamic, powerful basic sound reproduction with a warm sound image! Powerful, open sounding and detailed midrange are just some of the attributes of the PRS 165.2 2-way system. The reinforced, powder-coated metal basket ensures optimum stability and provides good ventilation of the powerful ferrite drive system. The ventilated coil carrier in conjunction with the large core bore also provides the necessary cooling, which has a positive effect on efficiency. To connect the woofer, a low-pass filter is required in the signal source / amplifier source.

The 19 mm fabric tweeters play silky, soft and appear unobtrusive. They reproduce fine, detailed and provide a very clear image of the tweeter. Their very good omnidirectional characteristics provide that certain extra in the tweeter nuances. They can be mounted in recessed or surface-mounted housings and their radiation characteristics can therefore be optimally adjusted.

The PRS 165.2 and PRS 165.3 are supplied with a high-quality crossover unit, which is equipped with elaborately designed air-core coils and premium film capacitors. Here too, two-stage midrange filtering with level adjustment of 6 dB / 12 dB is possible.


Nominal power handling (all voice coils) 60 W
Music power 90 W
Nominal impedance 4 Ohm
Mounting diameter 74 mm
Mounting depth 38,9 mm

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PRS 165.2