Nano Ground Dragon Power Grounding Cable – 6100

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Latest Voltage Stabilization Technology

Car, Diesel Car/Motorcycle/Electric Car

Nano grounding dragon is a product developed with nano-metallic materials. Due to its small grain size effect, the porosity is reduced which enable current to pass through the wire bundle thus improving the vehicle effectiveness.

The advanced voltage stabilization technology has completely taken the place of the old capacitor-based voltage stabilization technology!

Nano Grounding Dragon not only eliminates the risk of aging and spontaneous combustion of the capacitor, it also improves and prolong the aging of the vehicle.

Installation is hassle free in just five minutes with long-term benefits.


Application suitability:
Suitable for vehicle which have been in service for more than three years or are in the following conditions:

  1. Ignition Concern
  2. RPM Unstability
  3. Engine Vibration
  4. Acceleration Slackness
  5. Up Slope Unresponsive
  6. High Fuel Consumption



  • Model: 6100
  • Diameter: 10cm x 100cm
  • Suitable For: Vehicle above 300CC

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Nano Ground Dragon Power Grounding Cable - 6100