• Terramax ARV Pro A/T


    A. All-terrain Design: All-terrain four Season tire Pattern,more strengthful tread block design.

    B. Stone Ejection Design: Open tread pattern design effectively prevents stone rentention ,strengthen stone ejection performance.

    C. Zigzag Steel Sheets: Small zigzag “3D steel sheet” design effectively deliver grips on wet road conditions,enhance driving traction.

    D. Abrasion Resistance Formula: Special tread glue formula delivers a longer life.

  • Lion Back ARV M/T

    The pyramid-shaped tread pattern design of the Gladiator Mud Terrain improves grip and provides optimum traction in testing conditions.

    The Gladiator features self-cleaning grooves and the rejection groove design helps prevent stone retention and strengthens stone ejection performance.

    A rigid shoulder design protects the tyre from external puncture or injury.

  • Terrano ARV H/T


    A. All Season Tread Design: All season tread design soperior compre-hensive performance.

    B. Silence Design: 5pitches design with best pattern permutation effectively reduce noise and show extremely silence.

    C. Coordinated Tread Pattern: Ribs pattern in central tread and coordinated tread blocks an both sides ensure excellent steering and handling performance.

    D. Hign Density Grooves: High density grooves design.pattern with a mass of grooves increase the contact area with road surface, enhance the drainage and wetland grip ability.shorten the wetland braking distance.

  • Terramax ARV A/T

    The Terramax ARV Pro A/T is designed to deliver optimum traction for SUV/4WD owners both on and off the road.

    The All-Terrain tread pattern design prevents stone retention and strengthens stone ejection performance.

    Zigzag sipes effectively deliver grip and stability on wet roads while enhancing traction.

    The Solid Center Rib provides superior comfort and control.

  • Ultra Sport ARV 7

    The Arivo Ultra Sport ARV 7 is an SUV performance tyre.

    A ‘V-shaped’ pattern design ensures high-speed handling and stability.

    Horizontal and vertical drainage performance is enhanced.

    The open shoulder design self-cleans the slush in the grooves.

    Central longitudinal ribs increase the amount of contact area the tyre has with the road surface, enhancing braking performance in any road conditions.

  • Ultra ARZ 5


    A. Asymmetric Tread Pattern: Asymmetric tread patterns design with lateral grooves linked inside provide excellent drainage performance.

    B. Wide and large shoulder blocks with sipes design ensure the blocks peristalsis slightly while turing corner and changing lanes, bring stable handling and great driving performance.

    C. Linked Pattern: Linked pattern design. Linded pattern design reduce the driving noise and provide great wetland grip performance.

    D. Vertical Ribs: Vertical ribs improve high-speed driving stability.

  • Ultra ARZ 4


    A. Asymmetric Tread Pattern: Asymmetric tread patterns design and functionally differentiated in medial and lateral sidewall improve steering performance in wet road conditions, and ensure high-speed stability.

    B. Silicon-containing Tread Compound: New silicon-containing tread compound enhance grip in wet road conditions and reduce rolling resistance.

    C. Low-noise Design: Creative tread grooves’ fine line design effectively reduce noise at high-speed driving.

    D. Anti-skip Design: A mass of steel sheets and grooves design provide great grip ability and driving performance on wetland.

  • Premio ARZ 1

    Everyday drivers don’t have to sacrifice performance when looking for a passsenger tyre, and with the Motivo they can pretty much have the best of both worlds. Arivo engineers have injected all the ingredients (grip, rigidity, and control) of its summer tyres that promises quietness, longevity, and all the right connections for staying better glued to the road in dry or wet conditions.


    A. Silicon-Containing Tread Compound: New Silicon-containing treat compound improves grip on wet road conditions and reduce rolling resistance, provide safety ride and reduce fuel consumption.

    B. “Skiving” Pattern: “Skiving” pattern design. Stereoscopic straight line “Skiving” pattern design absorb shakes from road, and provide a more comfortable driving.

    C. Silence Design: Silence pitches design. Computer-simulated tread pitches design reduces the driving resonance with excellent quiet and comfortable ride.

    D. Big Block Pattern: Big block pattern in the outside. Big block in the outside ensure the great rigidity, handling and sport performance.

  • Radial RA08

    Commercial tyre for vans and small trucks: combines design and performance

    The Radial RA08 has a straight zigzag groove that improves driving performance on dry, wet and snowy roads. A balanced distribution of ribs and blocks provides naturally stable steering, excellent braking performance and grip. It also features low tread wear and high durability.

  • Radial RA14

    An asymmetric low profile radial for vans and transporters with enhanced durability and excellent traction.

    A premium tire for passenger cars

    A ribbed block tire targeted at european passenger cars, it has improved grip performance on wet roads as well as increased handling for heavy passenger cars.

  • Vantra LT (RA18)

    Summer Radial Tyre for Commercial Van and Transporters. Exceptionally Durable with Improved Mileage and an increase in wear & wet traction performance.

    Improved durability and internal anti-abrasion qualities

    • Improved durability
    • Optimized for mileage longevity
    • Maximized wet performance


    Tire Pattern

    • Application of 3-channel wide grooves
      Reduces hydroplaning and increases performance and safety at high speed.
    • Optimum groove location width with durable contact patch technology
      Optimized groove position ensures stability in the outer grounding footprint area.
    • Apply new 3D lateral groove
      Enhances performance in snow and wet conditions without sacrificing block strength.
    • Optimized pattern noise
      Apply center rib in center area.
    • Apply optimized block stiffness
      Reduces wear and increases dry braking performance.
    • Apply sidewall protect shield
      Prevents sidewall damage from the curb stone using low pressure conditions.


    Tire Structure

    • Reinforced belt
      Ensures durable performance through reinforcement belt layer.
    • Double steel belt
      Ensures durability for the tire.
    • Inner liner
      Prevents air leakage and maintains the internal pressure.
    • Carcass
      Maintains tire shape.
    • Bead filler
      Enhanced rim joint stiffness for handling performance.
    • Bead wire
  • Dynapro HP2

    High-performance tire for luxury SUVs

    • Optimized for mileage longevity
    • Improved dry and wet handling
    • Comfortable, quiet ride


    Tire Pattern

    • Straight 4-channel waterway
      Resists hydroplaning & aquaplaning performance up.
    • High stiffness center rib
      Stiff center tread blocks provide precise steering.
    • Silencer sipes
      Prevents harmonic tread pattern sound.
    • Aqua slant sipes & groove
      Radial direction sipes provide improved handling in wet and dry conditions by locking together for greater rigidity. Lateral grooves provide resistance to hydroplaning.


    Tire Structure

    • High loading silica compound
      Dry/wet traction is improved and rolling resistance is lowered.
    • Jointless full cover reinforced belt
      Ideal tread strength.
    • Wide 2 steel belt layer
      Better dry/wet handling.
    • High density polyester carcass
      Better steering & handling response.
    • Strong single strand bead wire
      Better steering and handling response.

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