For over 30 years Focal has designed, developed and manufactured high fidelity loudspeakers and drivers. Focal allies passion, tradition and technological perfection, bringing you optimal solutions for ultimate listening pleasure.

Steg has a commitment to producing amplifiers designed not only to produce the best possible sound but also to be used remarkably well for competitions and SPL applications. The power ratings, high current levels and astounding dynamics are all hallmarks of STEG’s design philosophy of doing things the right way and not cutting and corners. They feature cutting-edge diagnostic tools, extensive use of powerful devices, the sharing of power across many parallel transformers and a highly efficient heat dissipation system, all of which combine to guarantee the necessary energy and reliability for uninterrupted driving of any type of load, even down to 1 ohm.

Whether you’re looking for an AV Receiver, network audio player, SACD player or stereo receiver, our Stereo Components give you the very best in form and function.

High End Quality Made In Germany.Unbeatable Car Sound – with ETON components every drive guarantee maxinum pleasure.Ride the sound!

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