Car Accessories

TS Auto Accessories & Trading provides installation of car accessories. Some of the accessories we carry are:

We design our products with the customer in mind. Sidestepping the stress of navigation or travel begins with easy-to-use menus, logical options and intuitive features.

-Automotive products help drivers reach their destination effortlessly while getting the most out of the journey
-Marine units supplement detailed charts with essential data
-Aviation technology provides everything pilots need at a glance
-Fitness devices make every step of the workout more efficient.
-Outdoor recreation options are available for hikers, campers and geocachers
-Wireless applications bring the power of GPS to your smart phone.

-Stablilize the power system,& excel the electrical discharger efficiency.
-Reduces the noise interference to the electrical system,thus extending the life of electrical components. Improvement in sound system.Proven in recent 2011 EMMA events.
-Instant improvement on Battery Cold Cranking Ampere (CCA) perfomance & prolong lifespan.
-Instant perfomance, smooth pick up & power.
-Improve ignition, acceleration & responsiveness.

K&N has sold more than 30 million washable/reusable performance high-flow air filters since 1969.

Blackstone Nanoball will make our environment smile, and will make us smile, too. It will by conserving the limited energy resources, by making contributions to the maintenance of a higher air quality and at the same time, by helping you with a lighter petrol bills month to month.
Primary Benefits : - Improves fuel saving of 8 - 32% (for diesel engine, from 4 - 16%) - Maximum power and fuel saving on high-way driving + up-hill driving - Increases propulsion power (especially on rough road) - Clean-Up engines, reduces emissions - Reduces emission load on catalytic converter - Reduces substantially vehicle's vibration and noise - Works like premium from lower grade fuel - Maintenance free device that lasts up to 5 years - Easier start, smoother drive and ride
In Short, Blackstone Nanoball keeps our environment and engine cleaner, prolongs service life of catalytic converter and most importantly, substantial savings in the fuel costs.

The combination of extreme power and performance makes ODYSSEY batteries perfect for a range of applications, including auto/LTV, marine, commercial, racing and powersports. ODYSSEY batteries deliver twice the overall power and three times the life of conventional batteries!

Provides technical support to third party products like Hewlett Packard, HTC, GPS navigation products, and more. Delivering reliable and up-to-date quality digital lifestyle products and solutions.

-5000K colour temperature
-Styling in the headlight unit
- Off-road use (as not road legal)
- UV Friendly
-A distinctive blue light on the road to enhance the styling of the vehicle

PIVOT RAZIN volt stabilizer is originally come from Japan, with the functions as following:
-Improve Horse power and torque
-Improve Fuel Economy
-Smooth out idling with improve engine response
-Improve all electrical component performance
-Improve battery life
- Increased engine kick-over.
- Increases headlight brightness.
- Improves bass sound and audio quality

WSONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect

Product Information

Sprays on fluorescent green and changes to a deep red as it reacts with contaminants on your wheel Extra strong wheel cleaner that is very gentle and pH neutral Safe on chrome, alloy, anodized, stainless steel, clear coat and polished wheels The 500ml bottle's spray nozzle provides a fine mist and steady stream which helps conserve product A premium wheel cleaner professional detailers absolutely love Product Codes: 230200, 230500

SONAX Xtreme ActiveShampoo 2 in 1

Extremely economical concentrate for fast and thorough cleaning.Dissolves even the most stubborn dirt when used undiluted. Formulated for the cleaning of painted surfaces, metal, glass, plastics, rubber, ceramic tiles, china and enamelled parts. Gentle on paintwork. Phosphate-free.

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